Friday, April 24, 2009

Adorable Nursing Covers!!!

1 yard of material
16 inches of boning
2 1 1/2 inch D-Ring(Optional)
Iron and iron board

***Always iron the material before using it so that it doesn't have creases in it.
Material needs to be cut into these measurements:

*Main Cover should measure 36"X26"
*Neck Strap with ring should measure 8"X4.5"
***Variation (Neck Strap without ring should measure 25"X4.5")***

Sewing Instructions:

Section 1- With the main cover, sew the two sides and the bottom under. About half an inch or smaller (it's all based on preference).

Section 2- The Straps
*Iron it so that the ends are touching and that the material is inside out.
*Cut a curve at one of the ends of the strap.

*Start at the side and curve up to the top. Sew it together.
*After sewing, iron it again so that the seam is flat.
*Turn it right side out. ***Use a pin near the end to get the end out as far as I can.***

*On the smaller piece of material, put it through the two D-Rings. You will sew close to the D-Rings (Careful on this part. Needles will break if it hits the metal).

*On the top, you will need to fold the material about an inch. Iron down.
*Pin the straps about ten inches in on each side.
*Sew a top stitch along the whole top, even over the straps.
*Place the boning under the material. *Have the ends be in the middle of each strap. Make sure it curves away from you.
*Pin the boning in place on each end.
*Sew the end of the boning. Just little stitches on the straps.

*Fold the end of the straps under material.

*Pin them in place.
*Bottom stitch all the way across (removing the pins as you reach them).

All Done!

Rachelle is a stay at home mom who loves to create! Her latest obsession is making these adorable nursing covers! Thanks sooo much Rachelle for such a fun sewing project! I want! I want! I want! Is all I can say!!! These would make THE BEST baby shower gifts ever and they look sooo fun to make!!!
I would love to see pix if any of you make these adorable nursing covers. Email me anoriginalbymary(@)pacbell(.)net I have to make some too. I'm going to need them in the not so distant future! :)

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