Thursday, June 18, 2009

How to Make a Diaper Cake!

I've wanted to try this for the longest time! I saw a tutorial on how to make one and thought, "No way! I'm not gonna buy all this stuff to make a diaper cake. Buying diapers is enough." So I did what I always do and made due with what I had around the house.
Here's what you need and if you don't have it make substitutions.
  • Medium Package of Diapers (I got the newborn Huggies with the cut outs for the umbilical cord but you can get any size)
  • Baby accessories if desired
  • Ribbon/Trim (if you don't have ribbon then use some fabric as ribbon instead)
  • 4 (10") cake boards (I bake cakes a lot so I always have these around. You can also cut a circle from a cardboard box, foam core board or even large thick paper plates)
  • 2 large rubber bands
  • Tape
  • Clean medium sized tin can (If you get fruit in the can it is the larger size..not the #10 can! It's too big)
  • Hot Glue+Gun

Step 1: Trace the bottom of your tin can to 2 of the cake boards.

Step 2: Tape one marked board and one plain board together on the edges. 4 pieces of tape will do the trick. Hot Glue can over marked circle.Step 3: Tape the other 2 cake boards together (making sure marked circle is on top). Cut board 1" shorter all around (or if you have a 9-8" board you don't have to trim it down). Cut out center using the marked circle as your guide, if using the newborn sized diapers and re-tape to hold boards together. If you are using bigger diapers then cutting out the center is not necessary.

Step 4: Tape a layer of diapers around the can to cover. Roll diapers and hold with tape.

Step 5: Place a row of diapers around can and then wrap with rubber band. Then add the next layer by stretching open the rubber band and placing the diapers in. It is much easier then trying to place the rubber band around 2 rows that are constantly falling. In the center of the can place extra diapers or baby accessories (like the cute Boutique Burp Cloths or Embroidered Onsies).

***Tip: If you are having trouble keeping the first row steady then add the rubber band before completing the first row.***

Step 6: Place the cut board on top (the hole in the center makes it so the board slips over the can and rests on the diapers. If your diapers are the same height as the can then don't cut out the center. Place diapers on top in a circle and hold with rubber band. Add trim/ribbon and keep closed with a hot glue gun. Martha Stewart has cute paper flower tutorials or I can add a flower ribbon tutorial (if you are interested then leave a comment :) You can also watch my Can turuorial for a How to make a Bow with a Hot Glue GunTop or just top with a toy if desired. I plan on wrapping it all in cellophane or... oooh.... Maybe netting even (if it's cheap enough) and then tieing it with a ribbon bow.

This makes a great center piece for a baby shower. If you want it 3 tiered all you need is a bigger can, larger cake board and more diapers and I would glue the bottom can to the 2nd layer board if it was a 3 tiered diaper cake.


  1. i got one of these when i was pregnant with my first child and I LOVED it! i have tried over and over to make one and always failed. Thank you for your Easy and Clear directions! The next time i attempt to make one, i know i will succeed!

  2. A really good idea when having extra diapers, keep up these lovely ideas. hope you visit my site too