Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Boutique Burp Clothes

Looking for a fresh new alternative to that useful but drab white burp cloth? Then look no further!

You'll Need:

  • Fun Fabric (21" by 7")
  • Coordinating Thread
  • Burp Cloth (I like at least 6 ply)
  • Trim (at least 21")
1: With right sides touching, butt up length of fabric to stitching on one side of burp cloth. Pin and sew down.
2: Fold and press 1/2" on un-sewn side.
3: With wrong sides touching press sewn side and pin down folded side to burp cloth and sew close to edge.
4: For edges either fold in corners, tuck in remaining edge and sew down or fold and press over edges twice then sew down.
5: Add trim straight or for a little flair make zig-zag pleats as shown and sew down.
6: Fold over trim twice and sew down. Press entire burp cloth for a finished look!
**For a fun alternative try dyeing burp cloth before hand!***
3-4 Boutique Burp Cloths with a binkie or hair accessory makes a great baby shower gift!