Friday, July 3, 2009

Simply Beautiful Quilt/Duvet Cover

I decided that it would be a good idea to teach my daughters how to sew something a little more than a bag. My eldest daughter is 12, and my youngest is 7. So I took them to the fabric store to pick out fabric and a pattern. They decided that they wanted to make a quilt. I guided them to some fun, yummy Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, and Michael Miller fabrics (these are my favorite fabric designers). I wanted it to be an easy quilt that they could finish within a day or two. So I thought squares would be a good way to go. My oldest wanted to add some small squares too. So here is the quilt pattern that fits the top of a twin bunk bead. The pattern can be added on to to make it wider or longer.

Here's what you need:
  • 1/2 yard each of 8 different fabrics
    ***we chose 16 different fabrics, choose less or more! Make it fun :)***
  • 2 spools coordinating thread
  • Twin Sheet (for quilt/duvet backing. We got ours from Target)
  • 10 (4" by 13") fabric scraps (for ties if making a duvet)
  • Sewing pins

***make sure all material is ironed before cutting and after sewing***

Step 1) Cut 44 (for large) 9" by 9" squares and 106 (for small) 5" by 5" squares from fabric.

***using a rotary cutter, straight edge ruler and self healing mat will not only make this project less time consuming but more accurate as well.***

Step 2) Lay your squares out like the pattern above. Move your fabrics around until you find the color/pattern combinations you like best.

Step 3) Starting from the bottom left end of the pattern and sew the two small squares together(remember to sew right sides "kissing" (touching) and sew with a 1/2" seam allowance), iron. Then sew it to the large square to the right, iron and continue until the entire row is sewn together. Then start on the next row.

Step 4) Once two rows are sewn, sew rows together (remember right sides "kissing" and corners matching up).

Step 5) Continue steps 3 and 4 until the entire pattern is sewn together!

Step 6) Pick one end width side (shorter side) and iron down 1/2" (wrong sides touching), and roll again 1/2" (right sides kissing) and sew down. This is your opening for your duvet cover.

Step 7) Lay ironed sheet (if you lengthened the pattern then the sheet may need to be larger than a twin) right side up on a large flat surface. Lay ironed quilt/duvet top over sheet (make sure right sides are kissing and sheet top and your new duvet cover opening/top are matched up. Voila! The duvet cover opening already has a finished edge) and pin together with sheet. Cut excess sheet.

Step 8) Sew around the 3 side edges with a 1/2" seam allowance, making sure to leave duvet cover opening and sheet top unsewn.Turn inside out and admire you almost finished duvet cover!!!

Step 9) With the 4" by 13" fabric scraps, iron in half length wise, right sides kissing and sew up the side and one width. Turn inside out and iron. Continue until all 10 straps are sewn, flipped and ironed. Iron 1/2" of bottom unsewn end, iron again and sew down (this will leave a nice edge when you sew it to your duvet cover).

Step 10) Separate your ties into 2 piles of 5. To sew ties, fold duvet cover opening in half (length wise) to find center and pin a fabric strap to inside of that center point. Pin the other straps of equal distance on each side of center point strap. Sew in place.

Step 11) Now for sewing the other straps so you can tie your duvet cover closed!!! Lay duvet cover flat. On the sheet side opening pin the remaining straps so that they are in the same position as the duvet side straps. Sew down. Place your comforter inside duvet cover and tie straps to close! Done!!!

My 12 year old daughter was so excited that she made her own duvet cover by herself. Now she is ready to make a baby blanket for her baby brother and doll clothes for her American Girl Doll!!!

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  1. Lovely work! Thank you for sharing how you made it! So many crafts in the works I may never get to it...but your work inspires me to 'want' to quilt more!


  2. I love the fabrics you chose! So pretty!