Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Flower Headband+Clip

What You Need:
Headband (I got this at Target's $1 section)
Hair clip (any hair clip that works on your child's head the best)
Flower (I splurged on the flowers and got them at Michael's)
"Bling" (cheapest was at the craft section at Wal-mart)
Hot Glue Gun

Step 1: Pull or cut off flower from long stem and peel off green plastic piece if possible.
Step 2: Try to make flower as flat as possible and cut off stem as close to flower as possible. Step 3: Glue base of flower with hot glue. My daughter is VERY active so I re-enforce each layer of petals (in the center only) with hot glue.
Step 4: Glue on side of headband (before gluing, I would do a test run on child's head to see where you prefer flower)
Step 5: Hot glue "bling" in place
Done! How adorable!!!
For clips repeat steps 1-3 then hot glue to clip.
Add "bling" and Voila! Instant cute!!!

***I like to make a little twist in the hair and hair spray, to make sure the clip stays secure***


  1. Very cute. I bet my oldest would love this. She's into the big statements. ;o)

  2. My cutie wore the yellow one today at school. We'll see if it comes back in on piece. She is soooo rough and tumbly. She bounces everywhere she goes. This little girl already sports a 6 pack with all her daily activity and she is not in any sports or dance. She is just sooo active!