Thursday, July 2, 2009

Reverse Tie Dye

Love the look of Tie Dye but hate the waiting overnight and the mess? With my new reverse Dye technique the wait is over. have the look of Tie Dye with a fresh new twist!
All You Need is:
  • Spray bottle
  • 1/3 bleach to 2/3 water solution
  • Gloves
  • Colored T-shirt (old or new)

Step 1: With gloves on fill your clean spray bottle with your 1:3 bleach/water solution and lay your T-shirt on a flat area.

Step 2: Tie the front and back of your T-shirt with rubber bands, as you would if you were to Tie Dye.

Step 3: Place your T-shirt in a sink or cleared counter top and lightly mist with bleach solution. The more solution the quicker the color loss. Once you see the color change to almost desired color loss quickly rinse with soap + water and remove rubber bands. Wash and rinse again. Place in the washing machine and wash and dry like normal!


Have Fun, Be Creative and Look Fantastic!!!

1 comment:

  1. OK I really, really love this idea!!

    We have all the cousins coming this month. I am thinking it will be a fun project!

    Thanks and have a GREAT 4th!!