Monday, November 16, 2009

Personal Progress Purse

This is a perfect size for your Personal Progress Journal, some pencils and a few other essentials :) It also fits the standard works in the small size. It is also really easy to make. My 13 year old made 11 for herself and her class at church.
This also makes a perfect scripture holder or great for holding a small notebook and pencils. My 7 year old loves it as an everyday purse to place all of her treasures.

Here's What You'll Need:

  • 2 pieces of Fabric measuring 16" L by 9.5" H For (lining and front)
  • 1 piece of fusible interfacing measuring 16"L by 9.5"H
  • 1 piece of fabric measuring 16"L by 5.5"H on the fold (for pocket)
  • 1 piece of fusible interfacing measuring 16"L by 5.5"H
  • 2 pieces of fabric measuring 29" L by 4.5"H (for straps)

Step 1: For one of my 16"L by 9.5"H pieces of fabric I chose to sew strips that equaled 16"L by 9.5"H to make use of random scraps. A solid fabric looks great too!

Step 2: Iron on the fusible interfacing to the back of fabric.Step 3: Iron interfacing to inside of pocket piece.

Step 4: Sew top 1/8-1/4" of pocket near fold.
Step 5: Pin pocket to front of purse fabric and tack down with a loose stitch on both sides.***to avoid scrunched fabric always sew down on pockets (start on fold and sew down on pocket)***
Step 5: Sewing down pocket, sew 4" from left end , 8" from left end, again 9.5" from left end, and 11" from left end. These will make 5 pockets for pens, sun glasses, gum, note paper etc.Step 6: Fold lining in half (right sides kissing) and iron, then fold pocket front panel in half
the same way and iron. Sew lining open side and bottom together and repeat on pocketed panel. Clip edges to prevent rounded edges.
Step 7: Turn lining right side out.Step 8: Fold strap pieces in half and iron. Sew down.For an angled tie, sew at an angle on one end.Turn right side out and iron down.Step 9: Pin straps to right sides of pocketed front panel. Sew in place on folded and sewn sides of purse.Step 10: Place lining inside with folded sides and sewn sides of purse matching up. Remember that straps are inside too and sew together. Make sure to leave a 1-2" opening for turning purse.***Turned purse should look like this!***Step 11: Push lining into purse and iron seams. Sew 1/4-1/8" of purse top down. This will close your turning hole and finish off the purse. My daughter used a zig-zag stitch instead of a straight stitch for a stylish alternative!Add embellishments like yo-yo's and buttons if desired!

Have Fun,

Be Creative, Look Fantastic!

It's Your Time To Shine!!!

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