Friday, June 12, 2009

Refresh Your Old Curtains #2

Since we cut and sewed those old curtains together, now we have a bunch left over. These are great for bathroom curtains and shower cafe curtains. All you have to do is measure your window (see Refresh Your Old Curtains), remember the Golden Mean (2/3 rds rule) and add 6" for folding and sewing. Start this measurement at the bottom (your hem is already finished. All you have to sew is the top pocket for the pole or tension rod.
  • Fold top of curtain and press down 1".

  • Fold again 5", press then sew down.
  • For that cute little ruffle at the top that most curtains have, sew the top of curtain 1". Slide through pole or tension rod and hang...Done! Now that was really easy!!!
  • For a shower cafe curtain or for another window fold, iron and sew 6" for top and follow the above directions. Hem bottom by doing the same. If you find you need it longer length wise then just fold 1", fold again 1" and sew down for hem. If you wish the curtains to be wider for shower cafe curtains then fold curtains width wise and cut in half, sew lengths together and hem as directed above.

Have fun and get creative :) Add ruffles, lace, ribbons or anything you would like as accents to liven up old curtains!!!

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