Monday, April 6, 2009

Fun Easy Easter Eggs Decoration!!!

This is a fun one that the kids are sure to love too! My kids (boys and girls) made these just this Sunday morning and have been hiding them and playing with them ever since (my kids age range from 12-6 years)! They even asked to make more when their cousins came to visit yesterday! My youngest daughter keeps coming up to me and showing me her egg and saying, "I made this Mom! All by my self!" And yours can make them too...all by themselves! Make yours right along side them for an easy family night activity or just something fun to keep the,"I'm bored!" comments away!

All you need is:

*Plastic Easter eggs (the kind you fill with candy and hide)

*10-15 1/2: thick by 1.5" length Strips of fabric per egg (I used bandanna fabric because I make a ton of things with bandannas and have a lot of scraps)


*Paint Brush or Sponge Brush

To Begin:

1) Cut your fabric in 1/2" thick by 1.5" long strips (it doesn't have to be exact)

2) Paint a portion of your egg with a thin layer of Modge-Podge3) Place a fabric strip over the Modge-Podged section

4)Modge-Podge over the top of fabric strip
5) Repeat steps 2-4 until the entire egg is covered with fabric strips and Modge-Podge (Use your paint brush to smooth out fabric strips.)

***For a little more pizazz...add a bow for a finishing touch with a hot glue gun!!!***

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  1. Love these eggs! Will definately do this for lady's I visit.