Friday, January 8, 2010

Easy Knot for Hand Sewing

This is a knot I learned in a hand sewing class when I was a child. It's my old faithful knot and very easy to do!!!
What You'll Need:

Step 1: Thread needle and match up both thread ends. This is called a double threaded needle and I prefer it for it's strength and durability. Step 2: Wrap thread around finger and cross like pictured below. Keep tension on the thread and hold taunt with thumb.Step 3: Place your thumb on the center of the "X" you made with the thread.Step 4: Roll the thread up between your finger and thumb.It should look like this pictured below:Step 5: Pinch the thread above your loose knot (I'm holding the loose knot with my middle finger so that it will not un-twist) and pull down. This will tighten the loose knot.Pull down until the knot gets small like pictured below.Voila!
Here is your quick and easy knot for all your hand sewing projects.

Have Fun,

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It's Your Time To Shine!!!

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