Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Labor Enducing Cakes :)

Stand on your feet decorating cakes for 7 and a half hours straight, a week and a half til your due and the above may be what you'll say!!! The above was a fun cake! It was for an 80 year old man that enjoyed his freedom outdoors and fishing :)Elmo with polka dots on the side. I used a #21 tip to make it look fuzzy/furry on Elmo!German Chocolate fudge cake..Yumm!!!The below cake was for a baby shower. They wanted it to look like the invite and look like it it did! I even had bamboo coming up the side of the cake :)To instantly and easily make a cake look cute just add polka dots on the side!!!After 7 and a half hours of cake decorating I was exhausted! I tried to rest a bit and even took a bath. The baby moved so much when I was in the bath that I began to worry (this little guy has been the most quiet and moved very little than any of my other 5 kids). I got out and layed on the bed. When my husband came in, he asked why I was crying. I told him that I was worried about the baby and then...I told him that my water just broke that instant! I got off the bed and quickly walked to the bathroom just in time to grab a towel. Rick told the kids we were leaving for the hospital. It still took another 6 hours to start contractions and another 2 till out Jefferson came!
The kids were soooo excited to see their baby brother at last. The hospital won't let visitors under 14 years to visit because of the wide spread H1N1 (aka swine flu). Even though my kids are home schooled and have been isolated from all of those flues and sicknesses that everyone seems to be getting the rules were rules. They wait in line to hold the baby all day long. Even our youngest comes in to our room in the middle of the night and early in the morning , asking to, "Hold the baby!" Too cute!!!


  1. Congrats Mary! A beautiful baby boy!!!

  2. So sweet! We can't wait to come see the little guy. :)

  3. That's great! congrats!!

    PS: love the labor inducing cakes! With all that standing & work, I can believe it, that's some labor of love all 'round!!

  4. Congrats on your new baby boy!!