Tuesday, August 11, 2009

5 Ways to Let Go and Simplify

It's back to school time again and everything feels out of control and crazy!!! Here are 5 ways to de-clutter and de-stress for this upcoming year.
Get in control and organize!
  1. Start in the least cluttered room and area of that room (this will help you feel a quick sense of accomplishment that will motivate you to get through the more difficult areas)
  2. Let go. It's liberating not feeling all of this stuff weighing on you. You will be able to find things much easier if the closet is half full and not bursting at the seams. If you haven't used it in 6 months then get rid of it.
  3. Still love it but really have no use for it? Start 3 piles. 1)A friend would like this pile, 2)a charity pile and 3) a throw away pile. (Many charities will come right to your door and pick your items up. I hate garage saling my stuff for pennies on the dollar so I prefer charities.)
  4. Baskets are an esthetically pleasing way to hide your stuff but if money is tight then plastic containers are a good alternative. (Have any old furniture hanging out in the garage or does someone you know getting rid of old shelves, dressers or other storage items? A fresh coat of paint or even hiding it in your closet is a cheap alternative to closet systems.)
  5. What do you do with all that unused, never opened stuff? I just recently went through all of my craft stuff and anything that was un-opened I placed in a bag and returned it. I returned about $150 worth of untouched craft stuff to Wal-Mart and in turn bought a Wii Fit for the family. What a better use of that space and money!


  1. Great tips! I`m going to sort all my crap out throughout the whole weekend. The only thing is I don`t really know where to start because I don`t have a room that is LEAST cluttered. Every room is just as bad as the other.

    Actually, thinking about it... the best place to start is probably my bedroom, considering I have a baby due in two weeks. Don`t want to stub my toe on boxes in the dark when I`m trying to breast feed the baby.