Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nothing says"I Love You" Like Hearts!

Susan Van Meter says that she is usually not very good with crafts! She specializes in all aspects of design and remodeling of homes. Whether it is a primary residence or vacation home; condo or estate home; renovation, addition or new build! How modest is that! Being "uncrafty" she sent me this fun, memory preserving craft to share. This was actually a Christmas present that she made for her husband last year. They agreed to do something simple for each other so she decided to take something they both loved—shells—and make a display that he would enjoy. They both like to walk along the beach and collect shells. He really likes the orange ones and even keeps a small bowl of them near his sink in the bathroom. She picked out what she thought were the best ones and mounted them in the shape of a heart on foam core board (Michael's, Walmart, JoAnn's or your local art or craft store usually carries it). It was quick, easy and she didn’t think it was a big deal at all. Well guess what? He loved it! What a beautiful way to display a favorite trip, outing or bonding moment(s) with your husband, family members or friends.

This foam core board display can be of hot glue construction and placed in a shadow box filled with sand at the bottom. If you and your husband, family member or friend like to go to the movies, amusement parks, shopping etc. this heart shaped concept can be used with those cherished items as well.
Father's Day is right around the corner! Wouldn't this make a great present. You can have all the kids give you (or pick out) cherished items that remind them of outings with dad, put them on foam core board in a heart shape, place it in a shadow box and voila! You've got a meaningful gift that would make a great conversation piece for your home or his office.
Nothing says"I Love You" like hearts!

Susan Van Meter understands every aspect of the design and construction process. Susan has over 18 years experience in England and Europe designing and managing construction and renovation projects. Check out photos of her projects for inspiration in your own home at her website:

Thanks Susan for sharing with us. You are soooo crafty without even trying. Love your work and designs for homes too! I am definitely trying this one for Father's Day!

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