Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Flirty Twirling Skirt

My 7 year old Tomboy daughter loves to wear skirts (thank goodness) and all this sewing, quilting stuff had inspired me. I have left over quilt squares so why not use them to make a Flirty Twirly Skirt for her!!! This pattern can fit a size 5 just below the knee up to size 8 just above the knee.It can be lengthened to a longer skirt by adding more rows of squares. If Iwere to make it again I would ruffle it a lot less to use less fabric and take less time. Keep this in mind when making and add less squares if desired (my oldest daughter said that it looked perfect the way it was. I am just all for less time and less $ spent on something).

What You'll Need:

Coordinating Thread

60 (5" by 5") squares

1 (6" by 45") strip for waist/ hip panel

1" elastic 1" larger than the area between the child's Hip and waiste

(my girls don't like to wear things right at their waste, it's "the style")

5 (22" by 3.5" strips) for bottom ruffle

Step 1: Fold over waist panel 1/2" and again abaout 1 1/3", then sew down very close to edge of fold to form elastic casing. Insert elastic by attaching a large saftey pin to one end and threading it through to the other end amking sure not to twist elastic. Sew wrong sides of elastic together. With right sides kissing, sew waiste band ends from the bottom to the top and stop at casing. Make sure elastic fits well on child before sewing the fabric up. With outsides of casing kissing as well as elastic, sew to close. cut off excess elastic and zig zag or serge edge. Sew down, as pictured.

Step 2: Sew 20-22 squares in a row together and iron seams flat. Ruffle with ruffle foot or baste stitch 1/8-1/4" along top of sewn square row and gently pull on bobbin string, then gently push down on fabric to form a ruffle. Continue gently pulling and spreading out the ruffle. If the string brakes Don't panic!!! Just start another baste stitch where the thread broke and continue ruffling. Spread out your ruffle so it fits around base of waste panel. With right sides kissing sew ruffle on to waste panel. About 1" before reaching the other end of your square strip, sew the two ends together. Sew down reaming ruffle to complete circle. Zig-zag or serge your edges for a clean look.
Step 3: Press ruffle seams up towards waist band. Add second row of squares (about 38 squares) in the same manner and iron.

Step 4: Sew bottom ruffle strips together. Fold 1/2" and again 1/2" and sew down. Ruffle the other end slightly in the same manner as the square strips and sew on to last row of square strips in the same manner. Step 5: Iron and clip all loose string and she is ready to twirl to her hearts content!!!

Have Fun, Be Creative and Look Fantastic!!!