Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How to Stack a Three Tiered Cake

How to Stack a Three Tired Cake
We all love the grandeur of a three tired cake for a wedding or big bash but hate the $300-$1,000 price tag accompanied with it. Now you can create it at a fraction of the price.
All you need is:
  • 3 cake pans (6-8",9" and 10-12" cake pan)
  • non-stick cooking spray (to heavily coat the cake pans)
  • 6-8 cake mixes (enough to fill the cake pans 2x about 1/2-3/4 full)
  • 2-4 batches of my butter cream frosting
  • 3 (12-14"), 1 (6-8"),1 (9") cake boards
  • clear tape
  • food safe wrapping paper (optional)
  • 1/2-3/4" thick dowels (I got a pack of them at Michael's, they are about 12" long)
  • PVC pipe cutter,hand saw or sharp knife
Step 1: Frost larger 2 layer cake and place on 3 12-14" cake boards that are taped together (wrap board to avoid grease marks on board). Check out the side bar on my blog to get frosting and board wrapping instructions. Frost the other two cakes, making sure to place them on boards that are the same size as the frosted cake. Trim boards if necessary(you don't want to see the board sticking out) and place in fridge.
Once cooled in fridge and decorated9you can wait to decorate it once assembled), place dowel in cake and measure at top of frosting. Step 2: Cut dowel and cut 3 more the same height.Step 3: Place 4 cut dowels in a square position (make sure you do not place the dowels on the outer edge of the cake. It needs to be supporting the smaller cake that goes on top). Place back in the fridge to cool and set.
***I like to add a small amount of frosting on the top, right before I place the next layer on top. It helps stick and secure the cakes together. ***
Step 4: Place the frosted second layer on the bottom cake. Use a spatula to help guide it on the cake. I usually place one side of the top cake onto the bottom cake (eye balling it to make it centered) and gently let go of the other side. If it is not centered I slide it into position with the aid of a spatula (this is another good reason to add that small amount of frosting between the bottom cake and second tiered board).Decorate your boarder to hide any gaps or flaws.Step 5: Repeat the same process for the top tier.Step 6: With an uncut dowel, sharpen the edge to a point either with a knife or pencil sharpener (I cut it with the PVC pipe cutter at angles). Place in the center of the top tier and drive it down to the bottom cake board. To make it go smoothly through each tier and cake board, I twist it gently but firmly until it breaches the boards on the way down. (This will make the cake safer for travel and stabilize the layers together)Voila! Done!!!
Keep in the fridge. This helps the butter solidify for a stable care-free delivery (keep the cool air on in the car). Once at it's destination place on a stable table out of direct sunlight.

Place a wired ribbon bow, flowers or cake topper to finish it off!!!

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