Monday, November 2, 2009

How to Make a Simple Doll Cake

I recently posted How to Make a 3 layer Neapolitan Doll Cake. I thought we could use a simpler version. It is pretty much the same concept. Minus a layer! So here we go:
How to Frost a Simple Doll Cake.
What You Need:
  • 3 cake mixes
  • butter cream (recipe on sidebar)
  • oven proof glass mixing bowl (2 Quart size) or doll cake form
  • plate or doubled cake board
  • spatula
  • frosting bag and tips or Ziploc freezer bag
Step 1: Pre-heat oven to 325 F. I lower the temperature because the mixing bowl is so wide I want it to cook evenly. Mix 2 cake mixes as stated on box. Coat your oven safe mixing bowl with non-stick cooking spray and fill with 1 and 1/2 cake mix (about 1" from top). Bake for about 1 hour. With leftover batter make a dozen yummy cupcakes for your kids to snack on. trust me it's a must. Once they smell those cakes baking, the "Can I, can I, can I's won't stop!"Let coolLevel cake and share the moist yummy top with your kids :)Step 2:Place a full mix in an 8" round pan. remember to spray with non-stick cooking spray so the cake will come out easily! I baked both cakes at the same time.
Let cool and level cakeStep 3: Once cakes are fully cooled, place the 8" round cake on a plate or covered cake plates (these cakes are heavy so I suggest at least 2 cake plates taped together. Wrapping a cake plate is easy..oooh! I feel another tutorial coming on :)
Frost top of cake or add filling. How to frost a cake on the side bar will show you how to fill a cake.Place dome cake on topStep 4: Place a thin crumb coat (thin layer of frosting) on cake and place in the fridge or freezer 15-20 minutes (or until frosting feels crusted over and solid).Once frosting forms a cool crust then add a final layer of frosting to cover up cake completely. Insert doll into cake. Make sure arms are up as well as hair and legs are together. Add a top with frosting. Make sure to add jewelry and accessories!!!I used a #3 tip for the top, buttons on the dress, black dots on the dress, black stripes on skirt, flower in the hair, and jewelry. A 2D tip was used for the under skirt swirl. A 104 was used for the ruffle over the 2D. A #5 tip was used for the blue hearts on dress. A 27 tip was used over the bottom ruffle. For the front ruffle and ruffle on the neck and waist I used a tip like the #104 tip but smaller (a #104 tip works great too). This cake was a gift to my daughters friend for her birthday party.Let your kids lick the frosting bowl! Yum! My 2 and 1/2 year old insisted on me taking this picture of him enjoying the frosting! I guess I take a lot of pictures when even the 2 year old poses and requests being in on the blogging action :)
Have Fun, Be Creative and Look Fantastic!
It's Your Time to Shine!!!

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