Friday, May 29, 2009

Make Easy Drop Earrings!

What you need:
Needle nose pliers
Round tip pliers
Earring Hooks
Jewelry nails
Beads and embellishments
Step 1: Place beads and embellishments on jewelry nail in a pleasing patternStep 2: Hold base with beads completely at the bottom of nail and bend nail to side
Step 3: With pliers cut off excess nail, leaving about 1/2"
Step 4: grab end of nail with round nose pliersTurn nail around round nose wire to make a loopWith needle nose pliers close gap in loopStep 5: With needle nose pliers open earring loop on the side.Like you are opening a lid. DO NOT open the circle (this makes it harder to keep the circular shape when closing)Place your new charm's loop through the opening of the earring hook loopStep 6: Close loop by bending it to the side like opening a lid (remember not to open the circle)Done!!!Here is a SUPER easy earring to make!All you need is:
Earring hook
Needle nose pliers
Step 1: To open loop bend top to side like shown

Step 2: Place charm on open loop
Step 3: Close loop by bending to the side
Done! Easy as 1-2-3!!!

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