Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to Make Yo-Yo's

On our 2 week family road trip around half of the USA, I taught my two youngest daughters (12 and 7 yrs.) how to make fabric Yo-Yo's. It's the perfect project for car trips, easy to do and looks cute on just about anything. It's also easy to teach even a 7 year old! What mom teaches their girls to sew? Not many. My mom didn't teach me to sew. I took a summer class as a child and the rest is self taught..the hard way. So I wanted to teach my own girls to love sewing.
Take the path less trod and teach yourself as well as your child to sew. Do something unique, hand made and really really easy (But shhhh! Nobody needs to know that)!
Here"s What You'll Need:
Square 5" or larger of fabric
Coordinating Thread
Step 1: Make a circle pattern on a piece of paper. Use a compass or the bottom of a large cup or can. The larger the circle the larger the yo-yo. I used the bottom of a 29 oz. fruit can (aka 4 1/4" in diameter circle).
Step 2: Pin it to your fabric and cut out a circle.
Step 3: Fold over and hand press about 1/4" of circles edge (this will make a neater finished product) as you go. Thread your needle and knot the end. Make a running stitch (this is a stitch that"runs" forward over and under and never goes back. It should look like this - - - - - - - - - ). A medium to large stitch is best.
Step 4: Once you have made it all the way around the circle, end where you started (at your knot).
Step 5: Turn inside out and gently but firmly pull on your thread to gather. Make a double knot on the inside of your yo-yo to hide the knot.

Step 6: Fluff out yo-yo and you are done! Easy and takes only a few minutes. These look great on a headband, trim on clothing, on a bag, pillows, quilts etc.
This is trim on a dress of mine. It had been washed several times and holds up great. I just did a back stitch around the edges of the Yo-Yo to attach it to the hem of the dress for instant cute. It made a plane cotton dress look more boutique like and exclusive. Just remember that cute fabric is a MUST!!!
Have Fun, Be Creative and Look Fantastic!


  1. Great tutorial! Thanks! I will have to teach my daughter to make them - maybe our brownie troupe would enjoy this!

  2. I love all your posts. I think I can do this one!