Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What to Do with Nic-Nacs?

What to do with nic nacs?

Display your treasures instead of hiding them in boxes.

My husband had old trinkets from his childhood that had been in boxes for years. He didn't know what to do with them and thought of letting his 4 year old play with them. I put a stop to that and had a light bulb moment!!! Why don't I glue all of the items with a glue gun onto a frame! I put in a old photo to make the look complete. I then saw that I had some old keepsakes from childhood. I wanted to be able to display them so I could enjoy my little memories from the past as well. It's as simple as a glue gun, frame (preferably flat) and your treasures. Now whenever I walk by my photo I can breathe in the memories!

Christina in a mother of 2 gorgeous boys, living in Sunny Cal and my AWESOME sister! She enjoys reading, scrapbooking, traveling, taking pictures and the occasional craft. She calls herself uncrafty and not creative (as I walk through her house and notice the fauxed red kitchen cabinets…yes those red cabinets on the blog are hers, yummy yellow walls, self installed doors/ molding/ wood floors/ rocker light switches/ fully landscaped front yard/ and shelved garage...and again..yes! She did that too!).
This evening I will video post the winner of the Tube Top No-sew Freebie!!!
Also tomorrow we have the Author of The Daring Book for Girls give us a sneak peak at her new book The Double-Daring Book for Girls! Check out the fun site and Book Trailer!!! (Yep! They REALLY do have Book Trailers and this one is really fun :)
The site has fun activities and even badges!! How cool is that!

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