Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Party Ideas for Pre-Teen-Teen

My daughter just recently turned 13 and really wanted a birthday party to celebrate. Because of a new baby coming in 2 months, getting the house re-organized and decorated, and preparing for my first stab at homeschooling 5 kids (I am even starting my 2 and a half year old with lesson plans) I wanted it to be extremely simple.
Here is what you need to plan for. Over the week I will have more pictures and instructions!

  1. Theme: She chose a theme, "Disco" and we started from there.
  2. Invitations: I showed her all my stationary, scrapbooking papers and stickers and said "go for it!" At 13 they are well old enough to do this on their own. All they need is a little guidance and then let them go. I gave her a few ideas and she did the rest. The invites had glitter and large gems (like disco lights) on them with the what's, when's, where's, and dress disco on it!
  3. Time Limit: This is very important. I think parties are perfect at 2 hours. I am not struggling for games and activities and if parents are late (they usually are), no biggy because I end with a movie, Wii or Rockband!
  4. 4. Games: We found 4 fun games on the Internet. #1 Where's Your Celebrity Partner: When the guests arrive, place a name of one of the celebrity couple on their back (Hermione and Ron, Brad and Angelina) Then place the other half on someone else. The object is to find your celebrity match. People can look at your back and read the name to give you clues to help you figure who you are. Then you search for your mate. You can not tell them who they are. You can help them with clues. The first couple to find each other wins! Blind Artist: Have each guest blindfolded with a paper and a pencil/crayon/or and drawing tool. Write their names on the back before they start. Tell them to draw a dog/cat or whatever blindfolded. Display their art and number each one. Have everyone choose what number is their favorite and give the winner a prize! Afro Hair: In the disco era all the men with curly hair could let it grow our Afro style. So why not play a game in their honor :) Divide your guests in 2 teams. Draw a name from each group to see who is going to be the Afro Man (or a volunteer). Place a shower cap on their head (found some at Wal-mart for $1 each) and coat it with shaving cream. Give each of the girls their own stack of cotton balls and have them take one very large step away from the Afro Man in a cirlce formation. The object is who can make the most fro on the Afro Man. In 2-3 minutes time see how many cotton balls can stick to the shaving cream cap. The group that has the most wins a prize! Singing Charades: Divide your guests into 2 teams ( I usually draw their names from a hat or just count of 1,2). Have a bowl filled with 20 or more popular songs as well as children's songs (like I'm a little tea pot and Old McDonald). They are not aloud to say anything. they can just act out the song. Have each girl (from one group at a time) act out as many as they can in 1 minute. Keep score and once every girl had played then add up the scores for the winning team! We ended with a Disco Dance competition (and Rock Band but there was no time)!

5. Prizes: I like to get the large candy bars(4 for $4) or any candy bar(4 for $1) when they are on sale along with white elephant gifts that we have received in the past, inexpensive card games and jewelry that I have made in a large container. The winners can choose their prize!

    6. Decorations: Streamers and balloons are cheap and make a big impact. I had her put them up all by herself ( I wasn't about to climb chairs and stretch to place streamers with a big unbalanced body and belly in the way) and she did a great job, while I blew up the helium balloons. We also made a big disco ball out of a Chinese lantern to add flare and seal the theme! Also have music playing in the back ground for ambiance.
    7. Cake and Party Favors: The cupcake tower became the main party favor but I added ascots as well. When the girls arrived we handed out disco style ascots (very popular in that era)!

I found the most sparkly/crazy/glittery fabric I had. Cut them in strips about 3" thick and long enough to double knot around their necks with a little left over. I them cut the ends at an angle and voila! Instant ascot! Whether they dressed up or not! Everyone was disco style!

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  1. Awesome!!! I still can't believe Nina is 13. She is such a cute teenager. :) Looks like a great party, I think the afro game is my favorite, too funny!