Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Gift Box

My sister saw this box in Smith & Hawkin and thought they were so cute. They sell the boxes with seeds inside for $18. She spent around $3 at Michael's to duplicate this gift box idea, and had fun doing it too!

Items Needed:
Wooden Box
Artificial Flower
Sponge Brush
Glue Gun
1. Paint Box inside and out your desired color

2. After Box dries glue artificial flower onto the center of the lid
(I cut the stem off so it would lay flat)

3. Glue on the butterfly, bee or ladybug onto the flower
4. Make a bow and glue it on top of the lid
5. Fill the box with tissue and the gift


  1. That Rocks!!! Your sister is a smart girl and it looks just the same!

  2. wow what a great idea. I'll definitely try it.

  3. Darn...I already shipped off my moms present. This would have been perfect! There is always next year though! :)