Monday, June 1, 2009

PinTuck Apron

My sister asked me to make a pattern and an apron for her to show and teach a group of girls, from church, how to make it. So here it is! I made it a little long because it is suppose to be for a pioneer dress and I added pin tucking to go with the era. If you desire it shorter and without the pin tucks just trim off 5" or more from the length of the apron front.
You'll Need:
1 Yard fabric
matching thread
trim (optional)
iron+ironing board
sewing pins
rotary cutter+mat (optional but helps make straighter cuts)
***Tip: iron all fabric before cutting, before sewing and during sewing for the best results***
  • Cut (1) 36"W by 24"L for apron front
***the width goes around your body, while the length is from hip to knee***
  • Cut (3) 30" L by 5" strips for apron belt and ties
  • Cut (2) 5.5"W by 8.5"L rectangles for pockets (they can be enlarged if bigger pockets are desired)

Step 1) I started with the bottom hem first because I was happy with the length. Because of the pin tucking, your length must be determined now. Or you can always add more pin tucks (aka pressed down pleats) if you want it shorter. Iron down bottom hem 1/2" then fold and iron down again 1/2". Sew down.

Step 2: About 4" from the bottom hem fold apron (wrong sides touching) then sew 1/2" from fold. Iron this sewn fold towards bottom hem. Make another fold with fingers as shown, slightly over lapping stitches from previous pin tuck. Iron down and sew along crease. Repeat for one or more pin tucks.
Step 3) Iron down pin tucks and add trim.
Step 4) Now for the top of apron. I added 3 pleats in the center of apron about 4" apart. Make your first pleat by folding your apron in half and ironing about 2" down. Fold to the side and iron again to form a pleat. Pin down to secure. To add the other 2 just measure 4" from either side of center pleat and repeat how the first pleat was made. ***Pleats are not necessary if you are happy with the width. More can be added or none at all.***
Step 5) Sew down pleats.
Step 6) Hem sides of apron like bottom hem (by folding over 1/2", ironing it down, fold over again, iron it down and sewing in place. Don't forget to iron everything down after you have sewn it.) Now time to add the apron belt. Take one of the (3) 30" by 5" strips. Measure width of apron (pleated side) and then iron down the ends of strip so length of strip and width of apron are the same. Next, iron down 1/2" along one side of strip. With the other side, sew it to the pleated top of apron, right sides touching. Iron down.
Step 7) Fold over apron belt so that wrong sides are touching and the inside seams are covered. Iron, then pin in place if desired and sew down.**make sure to leave sides open for inserting the ties***
Step 8) Fold apron ties in half, right sides touching and sew down. Sew across the top and turn inside out. Iron down and sew around outside edges for a finished look.
Step 9) Pleat unsewn side of ties and iron down. Insert in belt side holes and sew closed.
Step 10) Now time for the pockets! Fold top of pockets 1/2" then iron down, fold again and iron, then sew. I added 3 pin tucks near the top of the pockets to tie in the bottom pleats. This is optional.
Step 11) Iron down 1/2" the 3 other sides of pockets and pin to apron. I pinned mine 6" down from top of apron by 7" in from side of apron. Sew in place.
***Re-enforce the top sides of pockets ,it is most likely to tear there because of constant stress from hands or objects pulling at the top***Done!
Now you have a simple pin tuck apron. The cuter the fabric the better :)
Don't be afraid to experiment with different lengths and trims. You have a basic shape to change and experiment with!

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