Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Personalized Gift/Glass Etching

Personalized Gift/Glass Etching
Items Needed:
  • glass pan
  • glass etching cream
  • brush
  • contact paper,
  • stencil
  • pen
  • Exacto knife
1. Place a strip of contact paper on the bottom of the glass pan
2. Using a stencil write the name of the person3. With an Exacto knife cut out the letters
4. Put the glass etching cream on with a brush and follow the directions on the bottle
5. Wash off the cream and see if it has etched enough. If not repeat with the cream
6. Pull off the contact paper and bake a nice treat and give as a personalized gift

Thanks Christina (my Big sis. is awesome) for another great craft idea. I gotta try this! It makes great wedding gifts and you never have to worry about not getting your dish back from an event!


  1. I was just thinking how awesome this would be for all my dishes so I'd get them back after parties and such. I guess I never realized how easy this can be. I definitly need to try this!

  2. I can't wait to try it too. My 10 yr old son has even done it and liked it!

  3. AWESOME!!!!
    I Love your fun blog!
    So many great ideas!
    Seriously great idea about getting our dishes back with this eching idea. Love it!
    Best Wishes ~
    Joelle XOXO

  4. ohhh & I forgot to mention... Im a mommy to 5 beautiful girls! It is nice to see other moms with 5 children doing what they love.... I can use all the inspiration I can get.
    Thank You!
    Joelle XO

  5. wow, this is so cool! Wonderful creative and personal idea!

  6. I like this idea a LOT! It makes an ordinary glass baking dish into an extraordinary wedding gift! Yay!