Monday, November 23, 2009

How to Make a Beer Shaped Cake

Well it's only been 2 weeks since I had the baby and my boss called and begged me to come in and do this cake. It was a birthday cake for a father. So after 4 hours of figuring out how to make it and frosting and constructing, the above picture is the result! I also took step by step pics in case you were wondering how this tower of wonder was created :) LOLFirst I wrapped 3 12"cake boards with cake decorating foil. I did this by cutting out a larger circle of cake foil than the cake board and folding and taping the foil flat to the board.
I then wrapped 3 9" cake plates
in the same manner. I then leveled 1 10" cake and 4 9" cakes.
I placed the 10" base cake on the 12" board.
I then placed a 9" cake on the 9" board and piped a double high ring of butter cream frosting around each layer and filled each layer with a thin layer of custard. You do not want a thick layer when making a 4 layer cake because it will slide in transport and make it too heavy for the bottom layer to support.
I then scratch coated the 4 layers with a thin layer of frosting and placed it in the fridge till frosting was stiff. I scratch coated the
10" base cake as well.
I coated the entire 4 layer 9" cake tower with silver (grey) frosting, piped a "lip" on the top of the can using a #12 tip and copied the can decor as closely as possible.
Lastly I coated the base cake in blue to coordinate, trimmed with balls using a #12 tip and added silver glitter and sprinkles. Before adding the heavy 4 stacked cakes to the base, I stuck 4 wooden dowels into the base. The dowels were level with the base cake, so when I placed the beer tower on it, it was stable and did not sink into the cake. I highly suggest that you only use wooden dowels as a cake support. I have used other things with disastrous results.


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