Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Knobs and Hinges!!!

Want New Knobs and Hinges? Can't justify spending the money on something that works perfectly fine? Revitalize them with a face lift. Spray paint them!For my door knobs I did the lazy man approach and just sprayed them while they were still on the door and painted around them. For my hinges (they were already off from painting the hutch/kitchen island) I screwed them into a block of wood (my hubby helped too) and placed the hinges like pictured for a first coat. I then opened up the hinges and lied them flat and sprayed everything again for a second coat. Once that was dried I flipped over the hinges and sprayed the other side. I used Krylon Satin Black.
***Always read the instructions on the back of the can. For some products if you wait more then 4 hours your paint will crackle and lift. You must wait until 36 hours has passed. I have not followed this and it did crackle. I have read a number of complaints on line and on blogs about crackling. If you just read the back of the can before use and follow it, you should be fine.***

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