Monday, August 24, 2009

A Little Paint Goes A Long Way

Want a fresh new look? Want it fast?

Then grab a can of spray paint and liven up your home!
Watch out cabinets..your next :)

I prefer spray paint to rolling/brushing for a more smooth professional look, faster dry time, and less tacky when dry. The paint color is Valspar in Leaf Green. I removed all hardware before priming and painting and wore a mask.


  1. Is that the second or third transformation of that piece of furniture!?!?! I still can't wait to see the rooms all put together with their new look. :)

  2. do you still have to sand it? that's why i'm so hesitant to paint.

  3. It's the second transformation. I stained it 7 years ago and now I painted it! I didn't need to sand it because there was no rough edges. Just prime and paint:)

  4. I love it! I haven't tried the spray paint yet because I wasn't sure what the finish would look like. I'm going to do this on the dresser/changing table. Thanks for the inspiration!