Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rag Curlers

Remember rag curls as a little girl!

This seems to be a forgotten art :) It's easy, cost effective, isn't uncomfortable to sleep in and it works! I have even found a way to make it look beautiful without the frizzies! Try these easy steps to get adorable results. All you need are scraps from an old shirt or fabric and your ready to go.

Step 1: Lightly mist hair so it is damp (not wet)

Step 2: Take a section of hair and roll hair around fabric strip.

Step 3: Roll hair to scalp and double knot to secure.

Step 4: Continue in this manner until all hair is wrapped and lightly mist hair again.

Step 5: Hair can be left in rag curlers overnight but it is not suggested. The longer they are left in, the tighter the curls (although on a little girl, tight curls would look adorable..I'm just talking about an older girl that doesn't want to look adorable but cute :P) So to fix the frizzy adorable little girl problem for your older girl, just blow dry the hair for about 10 minutes or so (until hair is completely dry and let cool). When you take out the rag curlers you will have cute un-frizzy curls that took a lot less time than curling them with a curling iron.
Try it and email me pix anoriginalbymary(at)pacbell(dot)net!!! I wanna see :)


  1. I used to do this when I was a girl. I need to try this with my daughter. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. i remember doing this as well and it was so fun! i don't have any daughters (my boys would never go for it) so i think i will try it again on me!

  3. I remember my mom rag rolling our hair every evening before Easter Sunday as well as for the first day of school :)

  4. I can't wait for my daughter to try this, she is so into new ways of doing her hair. Love the Blog.

  5. I just recently discovered this technique and it's great. I ripped up a stained magenta sweater to do it and I quite like the look of them in too. Thanks for sharing.

  6. i totally remember using those as a little girl!!! of course... my hair never looked as pretty as hers when i took them out in the morning!! whew! i looked more like Medusa!

  7. The best part about this way... is that it's so much better for your hair. It's the perfect way to still style your hair while trying to grow it out long. i'm a HUGE fan of hair care, since I have long hair. Great post! Jenni

  8. I set my hair that way in the 1960's. Awesome long lasting curls and you could actually sleep with the "curlers" in your hair. Lucy