Friday, June 26, 2009

Decoupaged Counter Tops

A very dear friend of mine suggested that I check out She loved how her friend, Tricia decoupaged her counter and thought it would make a great feature here. I checked it out and was blown away! I gotta try this and her blog is fantastic!!! So I emailed Tricia
and even is her VERY BUSY with homeschooling 6, running a small farm, baking from scratch, fresh bread in the oven daily, taking kids to activities and sewing up a storm she emailed me the following instructions. What a Gal :)

I refinished the bright orange counter top by scanning black and white damask Amy Butler fabric from my favorite apron. I made plenty of copies of the swatch and then decoupaged the paper onto the counter top, followed by a whitewashing and then a distressing treatment.

For decoupaging, I used "Mod-Podge." I used a small paint roller and rolled on a generous coat of the glue, and then placed two or three papers on the glue. I then rolled over the paper with another coat of glue. Bubbles form here and there, so I used my fingers to press them flat before they dried.

After letting the glued paper dry overnight, I sponged over it with white latex paint, smearing it around for a worn look. Then I went over that with "distress ink," a small tea-stain colored ink pad from Michael's craft store.

I let everything dry for a day or so, and then applied several coats of oil-based polyurethane to seal it. After six months of pretty heavy use, the counter still looks great!

I used the same technique with my sewing table and a refinished little play kitchen. I love that it makes each piece look unique, with a hand-crafted feel. Tricia Cope is a busy home schooling mother of 6 kids. She is truly amazing! She sews, bakes bread and makes most meals from scratch. Check out how creative and fun being a Super Mom can be at


  1. Those countertops look gorgeous! I'm going to have to do this in my camper trailer to spice things up in there! Thanks for posting this!

  2. Cool countertops! And just hearing everything that Tricia does just makes me tired!

  3. That is such a unique and creative idea. I'm quite impressed as I would never think that such a hard working surface could be decoupaged due to cutting on it and things! This is quite intriguing to me I might try this one day when I have a home of my own!

  4. You are a busy girl! But, I love your blog you are so creative and fun!

  5. That idea rocks! I hope when my husband and I buy our first house that the counters may be a little crappy looking just so I can do this!!!!!