Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Last Days of Cakes!

As you can see by the sidebar on my blog and Facebook page that I have 2 weeks until my due date with my 6th child. So it could very well be any day (I really hope soon, but most likely I'll deliver the week of my due date as per tradition). I will most likely not be working at the bakery for a while, since I will be recovering and taking care of a newborn ( I can't leave a breastfeeding baby with my husband for very long and my shifts at work are 5-8 hours at a time). I hope you enjoy these Last Days of Cakes. I really enjoyed working there (but my feet in this big fat pregnant swollen body did not). 5-7 hours on my pregnant feet is getting harder and harder to do. My boss is hoping that I won't deliver until my due date because she has been accepting a bunch of highly decorated cakes in the coming 2 weeks and I am the only person that can do them.Above is two doll cakes for a set twins birthday party! Cute and sparkly :)This was a last minute cake. A guy came in at 8:30am and wanted to see if we could make him a a cake for his wife by that afternoon. I said," Sure." He kept coming in thinking that he was the only person with a cake order, to see if it was done! It was a 7 hour cake day that day! We had a bunch of cakes..we are a bakery! I will not make that mistake again. If someone waits till the last day to order a cake I will say that we are sorry! We only charged him an extra $5 for last minute. Next time if I am feeling generous I will say $10! This "Race Car Track" cake was made out of crushed Oreos. We put them in a blender until the consistency of sand and sprinkled it on the edges of the cake. It tastes and looks a lot better than a bunch of mouth staining black frosting. Below was a giant cookie cake.They wanted it completely frosted so I had to add more frosting on the top with a 2D tip.

Hope you enjoyed theses Last Days of Cakes post! Maybe I will be able to get this weekend and the next cakes in at work. I am hoping not! I'm hoping to post about a healthy baby BOY!!! :)

Have Fun

Be Creative

Look Fantastic!

It's Your Time to Shine!!!

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