Monday, April 6, 2009

Cross-Over Braids

1. Part the hair down the middle and put both sides up in pigtails.
2. Braid each side long enough to reach the opposite pigtail and secure with elastic.
3. Tuck the end of one braid in the elastic at the top of the other braid. Repeat with other side.
4. Fluff the ends of the braids to cover elastics and add bows or flowers.

Joy was born and raised in So Cal and will always be a "California Girl". She is a young and talented mother of three adorable girly girls. She enjoys reading, shopping and playing with her sweet trio. She is also cute, fun, super smart and musically gifted! She teaches piano and is a high school math tutor on the side. She gets a lot of her really cute hair ideas from one of her favorite blogs !!!

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