Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Retro Wrap Around Apron

Sexy Strapless Retro Wrap-Around ApronFor a little added spice in the kitchen try this fun easy Sexy Strapless Retro Apron on for size.

Here's What You'll Need:
  • Thread
  • Coordinating Fabric

    Step 1: Cut coordinating fabric:

*Apron cut 2 (44"W by 12"L)

*Bust Band cut 1 (12"L by 66"W)

*Empire Ruffle (located below bust band)cut 1 (66"W by 4"L)

*Bottom Ruffle cut 1 (66"L by 4.5"W)

*Under Bottom Ruffle cut 1 (12" W by 66"L)

* Ties cut 2 (45"L by 7"W)

Step 2: Under Bottom Ruffle fold in half length wise with right sides out. Sew length together and tuck in ends and sew closed. Press and sew folded edges for a finished look about 1/4-1/8" if desired. *Note that I did not tuck in my edges below. I ran into problems later on and had to re-do it with edges tucked in (see second picture below to see how it should look when finished)

Step 3: Then gather rough ends to make ruffle.Step 4: For the two remaining ruffles fold one end 1/4" and press Fold again and pressand sew down fold.***Make sure you fold ends in this manner as well (not pictured because I had to rip it all out and fold+sew it in)Then gather ruffles.Step 5: Pin Empire Ruffle to Bust Band end (right sides kissing) making sure to evenly distribute ruffle.
Sew together.Step 6: Fold Bust band in half (right sides out) and press. Add bias tape to top or make a straight stitch along top for a finished look.
Step 7: Pin then sew bust band ruffle piece to Apron piece, making sure right sides of bust band and Apron are kissing(see picture below)*Note that the ruffle will have right sides kissing to the Bust Band but not to the Apron)
Step 8: With edges sewn in, gather each remaining ruffle to the width of the Apron (this can be done together but if it proves too difficult I would suggest ruffling separately) and pin. Make sure you pin the ruffles about 5/8" in from end of fabric, then sew to apron with right sides kissing (note that the photo just shows the ruffles. It has not been pinned or sewn to Apron bottom.)Step 9: Pin then sew back of Apron to bottom of Bust Band (as pictured) with right sides kissing.Step 10: Pin then sew the bottom of the back side of Apron to the bottom of the Apron front (where bottom ruffles are). Make sure the bottom ruffles are laying inwards.
Step 11: Fold Strap fabric in half length wise, right sides kissing and press. If desired cut one end of folded fabric at an angle. Ideally the longer side should be the folded side. Sew down the length of fabric and angle to close.Step 12: Turn ties right side out, press and sew top near edges for a finished look. Baste unfinished end to either side of bust band on to top apron panel.Step 13: Pin sides together with right sides kissing and make sure that ruffles to not get caught and sew each side closed. Make sure to leave about 4" on one side unsewn for turning.Step 14: Turn right sides out through opening and press Apron. Stitch the top of the sides to close opening and for a finished edge!Done! Wrap around and tie in front!As always:
Have Fun,
Be Creative,
Look Fantastic!
It's Your Time to Shine!!!

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  1. I love mine!! I just wore it this week while fixing dinner. The girls were very jealous! Thanks again!