Tuesday, May 19, 2009


There were soooo many cakes this weekend that I had to work 3 hours on Friday and 10 hours on Saturday to finish them Here are most of the cakes that I did. In spite of the economy, work keeps picking up. The little bakery I work at is gaining notoriety ever since I started to increase the quality of cakes they offer. Hope they inspire you when thinking of cake designs. These cakes not only look good but they are baked fresh (unlike most bakeries) and taste really good. the frosting is not pre-made or processed (it's all fresh real ingredients/no lard or oils in this frosting).


  1. The first cake is just too pretty to eat! If it were mine, I just couldn't cut it! Gorgeous work!

    Glad you're busy doing something you love!


  2. Wow!!! That first cake is pretty amazing. So beautiful. They all look awesome. Good work! Time for another raise. :)

  3. those cakes are gorgeous! especially the first one. great job!