Thursday, June 25, 2009

Binkie Charms

Some may call it a Binkie Leash or Chain. I call it Binkie Charm :) This quick and easy project is perfect for the beginner (if you can sew in a straight line then you can do this) and cute enough for a pro!
To begin all you need is:
  • Binkie (I like the binkies with snap on caps)
  • 17" of 7/8" Ribbon
  • 2 Small-Medium snaps
  • Office ID clip (can be found at local craft store, I get mine at Michael's or JoAnn's)
  • Coordinating thread
  • Buttons and/or Mini Flower Power

Step 1: If desired first sew on smaller coordinating ribbon (I prefer Gross Grain Ribbon). Then double fold, iron and sew down one end of ribbon.

Step 2: Add one side of snaps to folded section and hand sew down securely. Then securely sew the other end of snaps 1 1/2" down ribbon.
Step 3: Take other end of ribbon, fold and iron down once. Guide ribbon through clip and sew down.
Step 4: Add buttons and or mini Flower Power. Make sure to sew down all embellishments securely for babies safety!!!
You can give them as baby shower gifts or add them as present toppers!!!

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