Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How to Paint Cabinets Red and Faux Finish!

Things you need:

*Green Tinted primer (A primer called Gripper works best)

*Red Satin paint (Dunn Edwards paint is preferred)

*2.5" paint brush (Purdy works best)


*Satin Glaze

*Black Satin Paint (Quart size)

***Preparation: Lightly sand all gloss off cabinets and remove all hinges***

Painting Your Cabinets Red:

1) Paint your base coat with green primer. 1-2 coats is good. The green helps the red look redder when applied and you end up having to paint less coats. Lightly sand after paint has dried.

2) Paint your top coat in red satin paint. It will take 2-3 coats to cover. Lightly sand in between coats.

3) When paint has dried replace doors and hinges

Applying a Faux Finish:

***Note: follow steps inside cabinets first to practice technique***

1) Place 4 C of glaze and 1/8 cup of black paint in a large bowl and mix 'til blended (if the practice area appears to dark or light then adjust your glaze to black ratio in mixture).

2) Take your brush and paint the cabinets in an up and down motion with the glaze solution. Make sure you paint an entire section at one time (a section is the front of the cabinet or side of the door.) Painting one section at a time helps avoid lines.

3) After the glaze mixture is applied, quickly wipe off paint with a damp rag in a downward motion. The more glaze mixture you take off, the lighter the faux effect. The more you leave on the darker the effect.

4) Let dry and add knobs to finish!


  1. It still looks awesome Christina!!! They turned out beautiful. :)

  2. I think we make a good Faux team :)