Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How to Make Easy Cute Paper Gift Boxes

How to Make Easy Paper Gifts
these make great little gift boxes for earrings and trinkets. Use larger square cut paper for necklaces or other gifts and things. Once you make one, it's easy to teach your kids to make their own.
What You'll Need:
  • 2 square pieces of paper at least 5"by5"

***for thicker paper make 1 square 1/2" smaller***

***for thinner paper make one square 1/4" smaller***

To make your square 1/4-1/2" smaller, cut paper1/4-1/2" down two sides of square paper in an "L" shape

Step 1:Find the center of your paper by drawing a line in pencil from corner to corner.

Step 2: Fold in a corner so that it is touching the center of the square and make a crease.
Repeat on all 4 corners
Step 3: Unfold one corner and then fold corner tip to new fold and make a crease.Repeat on all 4 cornersStep 4: Following creases, roll and fold one corner until it folds to your center point. Make a crease.Open up fold and repeat on each corner.
Step 5: I made a dotted line so that you can see where on the fold you are to cut. Cut to either corner of center creased box on opposite sides of your paper.
Step 6: Roll up opposite sides, following folds and fold in ends.Step 7: Open folded ends(I call them arms) and have each side touch opposite sides to form a squareStep 8: Roll up remaining sides on foldsTuck down over arms to make box.Repeat on opposite side. Erase pencil marks. if desired, secure with double sided tape.Step 9: Repeat on another squared paper. For best results cut a second paper 1/4"(if thin paper)-1/2"(if heavy thicker paper) smaller by cutting 1/4"-1/2" down and across one side of paper like an "L" shape. Once formed in a box it will easily fit inside the larger box snugly. add ribbon if desired.

Have Fun,

Be Creative,

Look Fantastic!

It's Your Time to Shine!!!

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