Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pop-Up Card

Give your kids picture to the grandparents, family Christmas portraits, birth announcements,etc. ready to show off in this self standing pop-up card!
You'll Need:
  • Picture (mine is trimmed to 2.5"by3")
  • Coordinating Paper Scraps (Under photo paper are measurements 2 3/4" by 3 1/2"
and 3 1/4 by 4". For side paper measurements are 2" by 4" and 1 1/2" by 3 1/2")
  • Buttons
  • Fabric Yo-yo
(for yo-yo pattern and instructions see side bar of my blog)
  • Hot Glue Gun and/or double sided tape
  • 5 1/2" by 4" Card
Step 1: Use a paper cutter or X-acto Knife to make a straight cut. First measure 3.4" from the right hand side, then 1" up, then cut 6 1/2 " up.Step 2: Fold the larger cut side from the top by placing a ruler as your guide.And fold again at the pre-existing card crease but this time fold it the opposite way.Step 3: Flip card over and crease (I use the width of the ruler (usually 1")***Your fold should alternate sides like an accordion folds.***Step 4: Flip over again and crease under your new crease. Step 5: Crease in this same manner on the larger cut side of the card until you have reached the bottom. It should look like an accordion fold on the large side of the card while the smaller side stays unfolded.Step 6: Using your new creases, fold your card to look like the picture below.Voila! It stands on it's own! Now for decorating and the picture!!!Cut your paper to fit in the open spaces. In the list of things you'll need I have provided the measurements. These can be adjusted or omitted, depending on your decorating needs.I sewed the paper onto the card for a cute effect and hot glued the rest in place for ease and convenience.

Have Fun,

Be Creative,

Look Fantastic!

It's Your Time to Shine!!!

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