Thursday, April 9, 2009

Felt Cards and more....

What You Need:
  • Card stock paper or standard blank card
  • Hot glue gun or Tacky Glue
  • Felt
  • Odds and ends (buttons, beads, string)
  • Pinking Shears (optional)

***Cupcake requires patters labeled Topping and Cup
***Ice cream Cone requires patterns labeled Topping and Cone
***Dog requires patterns labeled Face, Ear, Tongue, Eye Patch

To Begin:
  1. Cut out patterns and trace on to felt and cut out design (I like usung a permanent marker for tracing on felt)
  2. If desired, cut out a rectangle a little smaller than your card front to use as a back ground and glue
  3. When applying glue, apply it close to the edge of your design (if it is for a journal or something that is heavily used then apply more glue thoughout the back of design) Hot glue dries quicker but Tacky Glue is great if you want your kids to make them with you without the worry of burns (it just takes longer to dry)
  4. Apply buttons and beads for eyes, sprinkles, or decoration (see photo for ideas)

These patterns are not limited to cards!!! They are sooo cute on bags (for presents too), journals, folders, scrapbooks and more! It's so easy to do with the family or friends! You can even sew them on the the card for a cute look! For more patterns just look over your favorite clip art and trace the edge as a pattern for a mountain of styles and unique gifts!!!

Felt Patterns


  1. Very fun. I love the patterns too. That is helpful for those of us who haven't yet mastered free-hand cutting. ;)

  2. Thanks Joy! I wanted to make it super easy to do! My kids even love doing it!