Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cuddly Cat+Kitten

Ever Since I made the quilt with my daughter, my youngest daughter has begged me for "The Kitty". A couple of years ago i taught several beginning sewing classes to girls ages 6-12. After teaching them basic sewing stitches with paper and yarn, I taught them to make Cats with a little pouch for a baby kitten. My daughter wanted to make "THAT Kitten". Well I think I got rid of the pattern so i made a new on for her. She of course had to modify it and told me she wanted ears from a different fabric. So I had to again change my pattern. After she picked out the fabric, I began.
Here is what you'll need:
  • Various ribbon scraps (for tails, whiskers, Collar and bows)
  • Various fabric scraps (for cat, kitten, ears and pouch)
  • Coordinating thread
  • Stuffing
  • Fusible interfacing (I use the heaviest stuff they got)
Step 1: Enlarge Cat pattern so that Cat is 13" long (you can do this in Microsoft Paint or any other program you like). The Kitten, ears and pouch page fits on an 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper and doesn't need re-sizing. Cut out fabric and interfacing as instructed Step 2: Iron all Fusible interfacing to wrong side of fabric as instructed.
Step 3: Sew around pouch using a 1/4" seam allowance. Leave a 1" opening on the side of pouch for turning (back stitch on either side of opening to prevent wider opening when turning). Clip curves (this makes a smooth curved edge) and corners. Turn inside out and hand press seams open (this means run your finger or end of pin along the seams inside pouch. this helps to round pouch). Press flat and sew it to lower part of Cut out cat fabric (about 1" from bottom of cat stomach and center sides). Pin in place if desired before sewing down.
Step 4: For all ears, take 2 cut and interfaced ears and place right sides kissing and sew around edges leaving bottom of ear open for turning. Clip curves and corners and turn inside out. I use the end of my scissors to help push the ears out to a point. Place cat ears on cat fabric in desired location (about 1" distance from each other at the top of the cat head, for the kitten I would make it in between 1/2" and 1/4" distance from each other at the top of head). Place ears with pointed part pointing towards the inside of head and sew down (when you turn inside out it will stick out like ears).
Step 5: Sew cat fabric together (right sides kissing), leaving a 1-2" opening for turning near the bottom right or left of cat (keep in mind that this is for turning and for placing the tail). Turn inside out and open seams with finger or bottom of pen or even the end of closed scissors.
Step 6: Repeat with kitten and stuff both cat and kitten. You may need to use a pencil/pen or end of scissors to get the stuffing into the head. I suggest small amounts of stuffing at a time when filling the head first.
Step 7: For the tail select 6 or more ribbon of the same length (about 3-4") and sew them together.
Place the ribbon tail partway inside the opening and pin the opening closed. Whip stitch the opening closed and use a running stitch to close and tack down the ribbon tail. repeat on kitten.
Step 8: Add buttons and ribbon as desired!

This project usually takes 2 hours from start to finish (if you have kids and often get interrupted as I do or are a beginner allow for more time) and don't forget to:

Have Fun, Be Creative and Look Fantastic!!!

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