Friday, January 15, 2010

Bunco Made Easy

My sister in law just recently called me for instructions on how to play our families version of Bunco. So I thought that I would share it with you too. My husband and I made up a simpler more fun way of playing Bunco that the entire family will enjoy. Adults as well as children have a lot of fun and everyone is a winner so there is less wining. So for your next family party, reunion, birthday or get together, try this fun competitive yet P.C. game where everyone is a winner in the end.

Here is what you need:

6 die for each person (4 die if they are age 5 or less)

Paper bag (I use inexpensive colored gift bags with tissue paper to hide the prize)

Candy bars or any fun little prize that all ages would enjoy

*** Optional sturdy paper plates with a lip for young kids so that the die will stay on the table and not constantly end up on the ground. We give one to everyone so that die are contained in one area for the over exuberant/competitive :) ***

How to Play:

  • Have each player pick a seat around the table with 6 die and a gift bag (no peaking yet) in front of them. The player across from them is their gaming partner (competition).
  • Pick the Bunco Master (someone to roll a dice to start off the game). The side of the dice showing face up will be what you start with. I call this the "number on the dice".
  • The Bunco Master calls out,"Ready, Go!" and everyone rolls all of their die in front of them. ***This is where it comes in handy to have a plate to roll into to avoid mixing with others dice and rolling dice off the table)***
  • If a player rolls 1 or multiple "number on the dice", set that/those dice aside and roll all the other die again. If 1 or multiple "number on the dice" are rolled again then set those aside. Continue until all die land on the "number on the dice".
  • If a player has at last rolled all the die on "the number on the dice" immediately shout out, "BUNCO!" The First player to shout this out is now the Bunco Master!
  • Once "BUNCO!" has been called every player must stop rolling their die. Then each player counts how many "number on the dice" they have rolled.
  • If a player has more "number in the dice" rolled then their gaming partner (the person across from them) then they are the winner of that round. The winner can now peak inside his bag in front of him and the gaming partner's bag and decide if he/she wants to keep their prize or peak and switch prizes with their gaming partner.
  • The winners remain seated and the losers get up and move one seat down to the left. If it is a tie then both players remain seated.
  • To start a new round, the Bunco Master rolls a dice to determine the new number on the dice to be rolled.***note: we like to start the number on the dice at 1 and each new game is the number succeeding the last (aka 1 then 2 then 3 etc.) all the way until the final round (# 6)***
  • When the final round has been won then the winners choose to keep their prize or switch with their gaming partner across from them.
  • Everyone is a winner and goes home with a prize!!!

Hope you enjoy this game as much as my family!

As always:

Have Fun,

Be Creative,

Look Fantastic!

It's Your Time To Shine!!!

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  1. Thanks! I was going to write up the rules to give to Lizzie's teacher, but you have taken care of it for me. :) I think the kids are going to love this. :)