Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Reversible H2O Holder

Love using water bottles but want both hands free when hiking or walking around a zoo or amusement park? Then here is a solution for you and the family. Make each kid and adult there very own personalized reversible water bottle holder.
What You'll Need:
  • 1/4 yard (1 fat quarter)
  • Coordinating thread
  • Water Bottle (1qt-1/2 qt.)
  • Step 1: Cut 2 (9" by 13" fits 1 qt. or 9" by 11" fits 1/2 qt.) fabric panels for outer and lining of water bottle. Step 2: Cut 2 (20" by 4") straps (for a child) or 3-4 (20" by 4") for an adult. Sew two ends together (if making adult size add one to two more strips to the end) and iron
    Step 3: Fold strap in half length wise, iron and sew (1/2" seam). Turn inside out by attaching a pin at one end and threading it through.
    Once strap is turned, iron and stitch very close to edge for a finished look.

    Step 3: Now that strap is done take your front H2O holder panel and fold in half (right sides kissing). Sew 1/2" seam along side. Repeat on lining. Using seam as midpoint, iron flat. Sew across bottom (1/2" seam). Place water bottle inside to form triangles at bottom. Pin about 1" from seam tip to base of triangle on each side and sew down.
    Clip corners and repeat on lining!
    Step 4: With the outer panel, pin strap to each side of midpoint seam (center over ironed crease on each side of midpoint seam), making sure right sides are kissing and straps are not twisted and sew (1/4" seam) down towards holder as pictured. I like to re-enforce the straps by sewing back and forth a couple of times.
    Step 5: Place strap inside outer panel. Next turn lining right side out and place inside outer holder as pictured. Make sure to line up seams and top edges. Sew in place leaving a 1.5" opening. Re-enforce stitches near opening so they do not unravel when turning.
    Step 6: Turn lining, straps and outer panel through hole. Push lining inside outer panel and sew edge very close to edge for a finished look and to close turning hole.
    Done! Time to look fashionable while lugging that much needed water! Now you don't have to carry every ones water! They each can have their own H2O carrier too :)
    Turn it inside out for a new look! It's reversible!!!
    Have Fun, Be Creative and Look Fantastic!!!


    1. My youngest, Charlotte has been using this everyday of our 2 week circum navigation of 1/2 the use from the pacific coast to the Rockies + from Mexican border to Canadian border!