Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Refresh Those Old Curtains

My sister and I love to stage and decorate homes and we make a really excellent team! Every home that we have staged sells within a very short time. Even in this market!!! My sister put her home up for sale and we staged it and it sold that weekend for $6,000 above asking price! They absolutely loved the curtains I made and wanted to keep them!!!
I have to also say that my sister put in a lot of work painting, landscaping and repairing things to make the house model perfect!
So I am going to show you how to make those curtains!
In this post I will show you the easiest curtain to make. I got these at Wal-mart super cheap and they were what I needed for a "Sporty All American" boys room. If you have long curtain but want a different look then follow these instructions to refresh those old curtains!

  • Measure your window width wise. I used tab curtains. I ripped out the seam near the curtain ends (center ends) and removed the tabs. I kept 1 of the tabs. Then I stitched the top closed and with right sides touching, sewed the 2 curtain panels together (sewed them together right down the length) I then pressed the seam to the side and sewed the tab on the center of this seam (making sure tab was the same height as the other tabs)

***if not using tab curtains then remove seams about 4" width wise at top of curtains and unfold. Then sew the two panels together length wise. Re-sew the top of curtain as it was before and continue***

  • Measure your window length wise. (I learned a valuable tool while taking interior design classes. It's called the Golden Mean or 2/3's rule. When covering windows with cafe curtains make sure to have the cafe only cover 1/3 of the window and leave 2/3 showing.) To measure, start at where you would place your curtains on the rod to the bottom of the window. Your curtains should be 1/3 of this measurement. Now add 6" to this measurement for folding and sewing.***always press before cutting***
  • Fold and press 1", fold and press again 1" and sew down or if you feel comfortable skip sewing and go to next instructions

  • Fold and press 4" and sew down

  • Done!!!

    How easy was that!!! Save the bottom portion for a cafe shower curtain or cafe curtain for the bathroom window. That's 2 window coverings out of one!!! Easy instructions on that Friday! :)

    Don't forget to sign up for the FREEBIE!!! Today is the last day!!! Winner will be announced Thursday..that's tomorrow!!!

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