Thursday, June 11, 2009


We have 3 lucky winners of my never before seen Design-A-T in a can :) You will be among the first to cut and tie 3 new fun and easy designs. Depending on how many ways you tie it up and the design you choose will determine the size. T-shirts come to you in size extra-large(teen XL). If you choose Cross My Heart it will be a snug teen XL. All of the other designs will make it a large-medium and combining designs will make it a medium.
If you are not the winner, don't fear! I will have more opportunities for Design-A-T FREEBIES in the future and I will periodically post new Tie-It-Up Designs for you to try. I have already posted 3 designs (a Scarf, Skirt/Shirt and a Super Crop Top) for you to try for FREE at home!!! This makes a great party activity too, so don't be afraid to share :) Email me pix anoriginalbymary(at)pacbell(dot)net and I'll send you a little treat ;)

The video demonstration for the other 2 here:

Now for the winners...drum roll........The winners are randomly drawn from this lovely model (my beautiful daughter) shown at top :) The Winners are...




I will be emailing the winners shortly! This was one of the most fun FREEBIES ever! Thanks guys and I will be sure to post another one soon! I will definitely do a FREEBIE for my 3,000 follower on Twitter and my 900th friend on Facebook. So if you tweet join me there I'm craftersguru on twitter :) and if you Facebook I'm MaryOlsen :)

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  1. well... pooop! i was hoping i would win :(