Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cake Ideas!!!

I work at a local bakery in Newhall, CA called Cookies Kitchen every weekend. I am the lead cake decorator and I thought that you would all like to see some cake ideas and get inspiration :) This Dallas Cowboy/Lakers cake has Buttercream covered cookies stuck in them to give them a 3D effect.

These two are for a bridal shower. It's a corset in Navy colors (blue and white) with camo on the sides (these were per the customers request, I added the pink ruffle to girly it up!)

This was a simplified copy of the a napkin the customer brought in.

The customer had just finished his Masters Degree. Thus the "DONE!"

I forgot to add the baseball on this one. So you get to see the before and after!

Simple basket weave cake :)


  1. Those are delicious looking pieces of edible art.

  2. Thanks! The best thing about them is they are baked fresh and taste as good (if not better) than they look! Cookies Kitchen is the ONLY Store bought cakes that I will eat. Not just because I decorate them. Because they taste fresh, uncommercialized and just darn good :)