Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shiny Disco Ball

  • To make a Shiny Disco Ball for a party all you need is :
  • spray adhesive
  • silver glitter
  • Round Chinese lantern (the larger the better)
  • Large tray or butcher paper to catch glitter
  1. Open up your Chinese lantern, place large tray or butcher paper under lantern(to catch excess glitter. You may need it if you run out!!!). Holding the lantern over the paper spray a 5-6" square section then sprinkle glitter on sprayed area. Repeat until lantern is completely covered. Shake gently to remove excess glitter. Go back over any holes in the glitter.***When using spray adhesive it is best to work outside in a well ventilated area***
  2. Hang to dry on a hook/nail/branch or whatever outside. It only takes 15 or less minutes to dry. To help with hanging, tie a string or ribbon/curling ribbon at one end of lantern and hang from there.
  3. Once dry hang wherever you want to add disco fun!!!

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