Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Embroidered Onsies

ESPN, The Best Craft Motivator There Is
My husband watches sports. Incessantly. No matter the season, there is always a sport on. So, while Jason switches between every ESPN channel known, (ESPNU is only college sports, I learned recently. Go figure.) I usually surf the web, or roam around the house in search of things to do. When I was pregnant and nesting, I scored an adorable roman shade from Pottery Barn Kids for the baby’s bath, which normally retails for $89. The seller had listed it incorrectly, and I found it after several differently worded searches. Want to know how much I scored it for? $2.95. Yes, less than 3 bucks. New in package. (I am proud of myself. Seriously.)

After decorating the nursery and bathroom, and the rest of the house as well, I started trying to jazz up some of the baby’s boring little white onesies. I started with a long-sleeved onesie, and sorted through my scrapbooking stamps, finally settling on this monkey business stamp:

Then, I stamped the onesie:

And, stitched around it with brown embroidery floss.

I'm not exactly the craftiest person, but this was quick and easy, and you can easily create one-of-a-kind unique items for your little ones.

Have fun!


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Andria thanks for this simply adorable baby outfit! I will certainly be in need of onsies in the next 5 months!


  1. hey looky there I am number 100 - now we can get that give away going...congrats - this is a cool website with lots of fun info.

  2. Thanks for being the 100 th follower! Yippee! I will post the freebie Friday! Thanks soooo much :)

  3. This is such an excellent idea! There are so many beautiful stamps, and it's a very easy way of embroidering!