Monday, August 10, 2009

Cakes Gone Wild

A ton of cakes, cupcakes and cookies this weekend. Had to work 4 1/2 hours Friday and 7 1/2 hours Saturday to finish everything. I wasn't able to get pics of them all but here are the majority. the above cake is a Topsy-turvy cake that was originally in fondant but the customer opted out of the fondant and only one layer of cake per tier (never do that. It does not show off the cake as it should). We gave them a free layer at the bottom because as you can see it really doesn't do the cake justice. Also i think fondant would have taken less time and looked better. So if you want to go cheap on a cake DO NOT take out a layer. They still got a deal. Only $75 for this cake and it took 4 hours to do start to finish. My work charges too little for their cakes. So if you want an extravagant to simple good tasting cake go to for the best deal on a cake.This is an engagement cake that looks just like the invitation. Down to the water colored looking background. To get a marble or water colored back ground on a cake simply zig-zag your colored frosting all over cake and then zig-zag white in between. Smooth out and voila1 A marbleized/watercolor effect. Below is the companion to the cake. The customer hates chocolate so she wanted a separate cake for those who wanted chocolate. The time says 10:18 because they are getting married on 10/18/2009.For this cake the customer wanted a rice paper print of a Crown Royal bottle to be on fondant then placed on a purple butter cream frosted cake. the cake was huge!!!The above picture is my first attempt. My lettering was off center, so to center it I added a few squiggly lines. If it happens to you just fill in the extra space with a design and it will turn out great :)This jumbo cupcake is the companion to the cake below!the customer wanted the action figures on the cake. So to give them a little punch I added a pow under each fighting set.Elmo cake using a 2d tip for fur all over cake.Cookie cake! Yummy!Another Elmo using a 2d tip but this time it was a cupcake cake!Whipped cream cake. Usually run out of whipped cream and use butter cream to border the cake but this time I had just enough to make it completely out of whipped cream.

Cream cheese cake with butter cream boarder and decor.

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  1. What beautiful, colorful cakes! And even though I'm a girl, I love love love that action-figure cake. Putting those pops of color underneath the figures was genius!