Friday, April 3, 2009

Tube Top Freebie!!!

Leave a comment (one comment per post) or follow for your chance to win the yellow Tube Top featured in the YouTube Tube Top No Sew DIY video (look at the YouTube scroll on side)! Contest ends April 10th!

Have a craft, activity? Do you make unique jewelry, hair accessories, cakes? Are you a baker, do you have easy kid friendly dinner ideas? We want to hear them and post them on Crafters Guru! It's your chance to show the world awesome things you do! Contact us at !!!


  1. Hi Mary! Great blog! I can't wait to help contribute. I think I have some instructions I wrote up once so my activity girls could give their moms a pedicure. If you're interested I can email that to you!!

  2. Email it to me! That would be great :)