Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Few Bandanna Uses

Cow Boys and Indians! Party favor time!I love bandannas!
They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns and cost under a dollar (unless you go to some crazy expensive store and then of course their bandannas will be $4+. Surprisingly Wal-mart has the same quality as the expensive stores for under a dollar).
So for your next outing, craft activity, gathering, family reunion, party or even trip to the zoo; try one of these fun uses for bandannas.
For a pirate party...argh! Try a bandanna as a party favor!Scarves are all the rage!Your next family gathering or trip, bandannas are a great way to keep track of each other. Make sure it is bright or eye catching and your sure to find everyone in your group!Need something to tie your fishing pole/necessities on your car but left the rope at home? Try bandannas! They'll do the trick!For a cute way to give away those "cookies in a jar" or your homemade jam..use bandannas as a topper!Add a ruffle made of bandanna to the bottom of a baby onesie for instant cute gift!Make a bandanna water bottle holder for your next trip/vacation etc!For your next beach adventure or girls slumber party/activity or gift, cut up a couple of bandannas in 1" by 4" strips and double knot each around a sandal strap and voila!Make a bandanna apron out of 3 bandannas! (tutorial coming soon!)Too cute :)Don't have tissue paper! No problem! Use a bandanna instead! It's cuter and will be used and not tossed like tissue paper! Your way of reducing waste :)Decoupage something for your next holiday! Check out the decoupaged Easter egg tutorial!Turn 2 bandannas into a cute top for you or dress for a toddler!
Pin up those reminders with pushpin or magnet covered in bandanna!

Keep an eye out for more bandanna uses and tutorials in the future!

As always:

Have Fun,

Be Creative,

Look Fantastic!

It's Your Time To Shine!!!

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