Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Reverse Dye

Reverse Dye Technique:
Block It!Reduce, Re-Use, and "Up-Cycle" your old T-shirt for a fresh new effect! Try this Reverse Dye Technique on for size.
All you need is:
spray bottle
colored "T"
1:3 bleach to water solution
masking tape
Step 2: With gloved hands, place 1/3 C bleach for ever 1C water into your spray bottle. On a flat surface (cover surface with trash bags or plastic so not to ruin surface) place "T" flat and spray liberally with bleach solution and flip over and spray backk if desired. Let sit for 10-20 seconds or just before desired color/effect appears.Step 3: Quickly rinse in cold water. Hand wash with liquid soap 2-3 times. Then wash + dry it in the washer + dryer.
Voila! Done!Have Fun,
Be Creative,
Look Fantastic!
It's Your Time To Shine!!!

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  1. Wow, that's a super clever design for the bleach technique! Very hip and I love how simple it is to do. Kudos!