Monday, March 22, 2010

Up-Cycle Your Old Purse

My favorite purse was starting to look a little shabby around the straps. I love the color of this purse and did not want to search for a new one, all because of the straps. So I made covers to hide the straps but maintain the stiffness. To up-cycle your purse, all you have to do is measure the width and length of your straps. I added 1/2" to the width of my strap measurement for seem allowance and then doubled it. Then I cut out 2 strips of coordinating fabric, sewed the edges with right sides together and then turned the tube strap covers inside out.
I then pulled out the stitching of my purse straps (taking note of how it was sewn together) and slid the new covers over the old straps. My straps had a leather piece that covered the stitching on the end. I slipped that over the new straps and sewed it back on to the purse exactly like it had been sewed before I covered the straps and...Voila! New strap covers and a salvaged favorite purse!

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